postpartum doula services

Research by experts tells us what many have long suspected: that those new parents who have support and feel secure and cared for during this time are more successful in adapting than those who don’t. Studies have shown that cultures in which women are cared for by others for a defined period of days or weeks and are expected only to nurture themselves and their babies during that time have superior outcomes in postpartum adjustment. We know that women who experience support from their family members, care providers, counselors and peer groups have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, less postpartum depression and a lower incidence of abuse than those who do not. (DONA International) 

(these are great to give to new mothers as gift certificates)

Mothering the Mama Postpartum Package: $200.00

This package includes 1 three-hour daytime visit, 1 three-hour nighttime visit, and 4 two-hour daytime visits (a $225.00 value, plus shorter daytime visits than my hourly rate allows). Any additional hours will cost $10.00 per hour, either daytime or nighttime. 

  •      I will schedule one prenatal visit to establish a relationship and discuss your expectations.
  •      I will come to your house when you request my help, usually on the day you arrive home or while you are still in hospital.
  •      I can do some light housekeeping, including changing the linens, washing and folding the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, and running the vacuum cleaner.
  •      I can run some simple errands for you and go grocery shopping with reimbursement.
  •      I can prepare one or some nourishing meals.
  •      For an additional fee, I can pick up any siblings from school or extra-curricular activities. 
  •      I can help with nursing sessions, diaper changes, and baby care so the mother can rest. 
  •      I can provide valuable evidence-based information and support with lactation and early parenting.
  •      I can do just about whatever you ask! I want to do whatever it takes to minimize early parenting difficulties and enhance newborn bonding so that you and baby enjoy your "Fourth Trimester".

Postpartum Package: $350.00

This package includes all of the services listed above, divided into 2 three-hour daytime visits, 2 three-hour nighttime visits, and 7 two-hour daytime visits ($420.00 value, plus shorter daytime visits than my hourly rate allows). Any additional hours will cost $10.00 per hour, either daytime or nighttime.

Postpartum Doula Hourly Rates:

$25 per daytime hour (minimum 3 hours) 
$45 per nighttime hour (minimum 2 hours)

$50 per nighttime hour for twins, triplets (minimum 2 hours)

       Upon hiring me, I expect a nonrefundable deposit of $50 to secure my availability for your postpartum period. This deposit will be applied towards your bill; if your bill is less than $50, the balance will not be returned. The hourly wage is collected at the end of each daylight session or at the beginning of each nighttime session.

I also offer bengkung belly binding, traditional indonesian post partum abdominal support, and i use traditional indonesian jamu (herbs) prior to the binding.

I can also be hired for postpartum meal services, providing nourishing meals in the postpartum period, organizing of mother meal trains, and also mother blessings.


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