red moon

we had a sunset picnic to watch the super moon eclipse, it was beautiful, clear purple skies for sunset. and a red red moon. of course i didn't carry lenses that could capture that beauty, but i could capture a few moments before dusk settled of my oldest in her excitement. we have been having warm sunny days then dropping to cooler (55 degree) mornings and evenings. fall is here. and we celebrated with warm nourishing chicken soup. 

early morning yoga

i met becca at a yoga teacher training. she reminded me of an old friend of mine, voice to a tee, and i reminded her of a friend of hers.  she moved to nyc for grad school just recently and we spent some time taking lots of fun creative photos together, artists minds working! we shot our asana poses at the end of the morning, and my exact last shot left on my card would have been her tumbling into the pond, but i got distracted by something next to me, and next i hear - splash, but she's jumped back onto the dock, and i capture this semi drenched graceful yogi as the last shot on my camera. 

except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance, and there is only the dance.
— T.S Eliot "burnt norton" Four Quartets