The Kim Family | Tacoma Family Photojournalism

so i came for dinner, a very important yet typical event that happens with Shannon and her family. She is pregnant with her third son, and her boys are a riot. Her oldest, Liam, he reminds me of my oldest. He is very social, eager to help in the kitchen, and loves to comment on the little things that us adults tend to miss. I also witnessed some tree trimming issues and i got to talk story with Shannon's parents, i mulled over the things in their home, eyed a ship that is actually made in Indonesia, and a very cool old radio with the names of Seattle's top radio stations. Shannon has gone to culinary school, and her parents use to own a restaurant. They are a happy bunch, and it's good to find families that spend time together, cook together, eat together. here just a few...

The Stewart Family | Tacoma Family Photojournalism

i came over to see what dinner was like with the stewart family. henry is quite a light. 

warmth, tania