The Molloys | Tacoma Family Photojournalism

on a clear, but grey sunday morning in ruston, i had a walk with the molloys....

My older sister married his older brother and we “officially” met at the wedding
— wesley

wesley and seamus are new here in the puget sound, coming from montana.


this is eleventh month old, delaney, isn't she the brightest thing you've seen in this gloomy puget sound week? i had to control myself from cooing like a bird every time i saw her through the glass


she really is as lovely as she shines through these pictures. 

{motherhood} ... to say that I feel like I’m right where I was meant to be. I’m still learning and I still have hard days like any other parent, but I feel like being a mom is exactly what I was cut out to do. Life is so much richer with Delaney. To look at her and know she’s mine...there is no better feeling than that.
— wesley

wesley (don't you just love that name. i really love it, and don't come across it often) keeps busy working and caring for delaney, and from the looks of it, doing a really whole hearted way of it. 

breakfast time, i really loved the calmness of these two, you can really see that energy emanate from their daughter. it was peaceful for me to shoot, and easy for me to like them .


seamus is a lawyer, who works in the tacoma area. we had some good chatter about what shows we like to watch, me being one of them discussing 'house of cards' . no really, you have to watch that show. 

she loves to blow bubbles
— wesley
I had a difficult time... Delaney was having a hard time latching at first. The nurses in the hospital tried to coach me a bit, but we still weren’t getting a good latch. I was given a nipple shield due to the poor latch and the fact that I was cracked and bleeding. Unfortunately, the woman who gave me the shield didn’t check me for size. So, I was given the wrong size, which made thing worse... Since I had a c-section, I had to stay in the hospital for several days before being released. I tried asking for help from the lactation consultants. They would print off papers for me, but didn’t really take the time to see how she was nursing and help us correct the problem. I was a new mother, so I could only go off of what I had read. Lots of tears from both Delaney and me. I felt so defeated. First, I was dreaming of an unmedicated birth and when that didn’t happen, my other big wish was to be able to breastfeed my daughter...and that was going pretty poorly.
— wesley
After being sent home and dealing with excruciating pain, I figured it out the sizing issue (with the shield) and sent Seamus out in the middle of the night to get me the right size. The change in shield size immediately helped with the pain and helped things heal quickly. I tried weaning off the shield multiple times with Delaney, but we still couldn’t find a good latch. Finally, at around 5 months, I tried again and something just clicked because she started nursing correctly - no pain for me, no frustration for her! And we have been going strong ever since! I’m so glad I pushed through the pain. I’m so glad I continued to try without the shield. I’m happy that even if the birth didn’t go as planned, that at least I can be proud of the fact that we are still happily breastfeeding and I able to give her nourishment and comfort.
— wesley

delaney loves to read with her dad. 

really loved my time with them.