a walk with the blairs {steilacoom family photography}

it takes me a good couple hours, and several visits to get to know and connect with clients.. i've met the blairs before, and i have photographed them with their family just recently. but this, spending a couple hours, taking a mile walk around the pond and talking story is why i love photographing clients and friends in this particular way. i don't like to rush it, i don't like to force a pose or create inauthentic moments... in the past i think i've tried ONCE to do one of those types of photoshoots and it felt like i was selling my soul,...it moved away from how i loved to shoot and compromised the quality of my photos...its just not for me. here we are all part of the process of the moment, places we notice, spontaneous moments that i can capture, things that flow easier once you're used to me with my camera in your face, to be present and to help people feel comfortable is completely my responsibility as a photographer, and sometimes i fail at it, and sometimes i don't connect, so it is a constant learning process. 

its a fine line between documenting and manipulating. storytelling lends itself differently in photos, and not possible if you spend such a short time with someone,.. so it is in these short sessions that i have found to call this 'capturing fleeting realities' more true than photo stories, or photographic story telling. i'm glad there are different styles, and there's a place and desire for this genre as well. 

fall is gorgeous in the pacific northwest. the smells, the gorgeous evergreens juxtaposed with the deciduous trees makes everything magical. i also welcomed the rainy, cloudy skies for photography. the diffused, soft light and saturated delicious colors in the environment, the rich textures makes the moments so tactile. the colors almost soothed the grieving loss of summer. 

prince family {tacoma maternity lifestyle photography}

i love being around pregnant woman. i can't go into it completely otherwise it will go on for pages (!) but they are magical and i love photographing them. i also have been experimenting with 'flaws',, purposefully blurring and softening images, focusing on other parts of the image, maybe trying to insight a particular feeling or mood. this is shooting much like i did in the past back when i was in film school ~ i was always the mood seeker..., going with what i feel, emotively photographing, overexposing, underexposing, composing with negative spaces and lines....this is kind of - roll with me, like parenthood and birth...i'm liking this comparison.

there is technically correct exposure, and perhaps compositions, but much like film cameras, so much art is created within the spaces of what is considered 'correct' and 'perfect'. i love documenting and i love creating emotions through images even more. feel like i'm sinking back into myself the more i am behind the lens, the more i am peeling away from the kids, and going back and re creating myself again doing what i wholeheartedly LOVE. 

summer farm moments {tacoma photography}

There is a rhythm pumping through every vein of the universe. Call it Divine Spirit, call it God, call it the creative power of nature. The rhythm is taken up by the sun, the grass, the children at play. Eternal heartbeat.
— Shea Darian "Seven Times the Sun"

glimpses of an outdoor summer camp run by the tacoma waldorf school, outside all day in the wonderful pacific northwest air, nestled underneath mount rainier. 

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