baby ireland {Gig Harbor Family Photojournalist}

there's always something about having a newborn in the house, the way everyone is buzzing with excitement from the birth, and what a new soul brings to the household, how much of a transition it is for the littles, and mama juggling a new rhythm and routine. i've been with lauren and her family before,  when she was still pregnant and just loved their energy. i've also been loving the great people i meet doing these photosessions, and how many of them i've become friends with, when we're not busy with our kids or whatever else!

 when i showed up, it seemed everything was coming along great, some paleo chocolate chip cookies were getting made (we found out several months back that we shared the love of paleo and nourishing food among other things!) and lauren's mother and aunt (?) were in town. definitely was a good day and such a sweet sweet family. these parents really have it down. these kids are blessed. 

I am your moon and your moonlight too
I am your flower garden and your water too
I have come all this way, eager for you
Without shoes or shawl
I want you to laugh
To kill all your worries
To love you
To nourish you.
— rumi