{february} real life

february has been amazing. like all the other months in the pacific northwest. i cannot complain. one wish: lanikai or bali just a car ride away, maybe. is that asking for too much? ;) i am grateful for the gorgeous evergreens, the refreshing spice herb pine and salty puget sound air, the lovely weather, the fake winters - yes, fake winters, this rain and humidity and mist and cloudiness, all of it. beautiful kind of winter. that writer moody winter. and these kids. i am grateful for them this month, and all months really. we've had sick days, and growth spurt days, and no sleep days, and every day tired walking feet from walks and hikes and trails days. these days i've been waking up and saying "i think i'll just be happy today". we put a lot on ourselves. being happy is more than enough. its rich and bountiful. and if all fails, 'each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most' . i'm not sure if buddha really said that. i think people like to think he did. it doesn't matter. it's a good quote. i hope you take the time to breathe in those every day moments. it is fleeting. 

please continue on to the blog circle by visiting Lenka , a fabulous woman. i am excited to see what all my fellow participants have posted for this month. 


warmth to you this spring, 

tania xoxo