i look for the candid moments, and the small details, and have a taste for the artistic beauty of what otherwise be considered mundane of the day to day.  when i come for a homestory. i like to give to you in return a set of images that tell a story of the time i was there. sometimes these are important moments in your life. if a baby is born, when a toddler is learning to walk, when family dinners are the core of your time, and for the motherhood mornings or days. if anything, i provide you with documented footage of a day in the life of a time you look back on and yearn for. 

sessions unfold organically, and conversations play between you and i about your life,  things you love to do, and in between all that we take pictures. the experience provides us a moment where we are able to capture the raw essence of your life, the expressions you make, the feelings your kids have at this point in their lives, the real beauty.

|| fleeting realities ||

the importance of the tangible

i love flipping through a book of photos, or seeing them displayed. it shouldn't stay on your computer screen! 

if you are open to interview, i usually provide a written journal of the time that we shared together to accompany your images. if you purchase a book, these words will be accompanied. if you have a birth story, that usually accompanies your birth images, and also your newborn sessions. these are all complimentary if desired.

please contact me to discuss creating your session albums, ordering prints, and display tips for your home.


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photographic storytelling

|| the beauty in your living ||

depending on the sessions you pick, length varies...

i prefer to shoot with natural light, sly observations and provide minimal suggestions