I’ve been a huge admirer of Tania’s style of photography. She has a true eye for exquisite documentation. She captures authentic moments as they happen instead of creating ones obvious and staged, a path I feel far too many photographers take. Having my maternity photo’s taken by her was a true honor. She arrived at the location before me, scouted a handful of visually rich spots, and most importantly made me comfortable in the role of the model (not something that comes naturally to me). Upon receiving the finished images I was blown away at the simple essence of her artistry, a vision I had hoped for. I am grateful to Tania for having captured this time in my life, and my body, with such style and grace. Thank you.
— devon kerr
Tania was a pleasure to work with. She was friendly yet professional. Her warmth put us at ease while in front of the camera - it was like hanging out with a good friend with the added bonus of stunning photos. She is a true artist! Im so thankful we had the opportunity to work with her and definitely plan to use her again in the future for any additional photos we may need.
— wesley molloy
Tania has an incredible gift. Not only did she make us feel instantly comfortable with her presence, but she was able to become this fly on the wall catching us acting naturally and interacting organically. The images she captured are the little moments that we lose and forget too easily. A child helping make dinner, menial yard work tasks, a family dinner, the things that are routine yet remarkable and ever changing. I highly recommend that every family bring someone like Tania into their home to capture life before it slips past. Thank you, Tania.
— shannon kim
Tania came out and took pictures of our family. I wasn’t sure what to expect but she was so warm, everyone felt instantly at ease! I felt we could have hung out and chatted the day away! She was so easy going, even when my daughter tripped and gave herself a booboo, Tania got some incredible pictures even as I was giving kisses to make it better. I love all the pictures she took, but especially the pictures of us eating breakfast. It’s a daily thing, but I know in a year or two it won’t look exactly as it does now. I truly cherish the moments she captured
— kira miller