singapore | 2016

singapore | 2016

my perspective: 

i was born on the equator [singapore] and consider myself to be a third culture human being, belonging in several cultures outside of my own, and always in the 'others'  category!  i believe this has shaped much of how i perceive, especially from behind the lens and the topics and issues that interest me artistically and personally.  i have lived predominantly in south east asia + hawai'i, and have travelled extensively, yet feel there is much i have yet to learn and experience. 

i am also a mother of two girls and feel most at home in nature , eating, on the beach, or traveling, preferably doing all of those at the same time!

i began with an old film camera, emptying the contents into the dark room from travels around south east asia, and from then on i diverted my interests to films, specifically documentary filmmaking and finding the power of images to bring light to all sorts of things, political and cultural. i applied to film school.

 i attended the school of visual arts in new york city - a highly ranked photography, visual and graphic arts college, i focused my b.f.a on majoring in film+video - film sound editing with a minor in cinematography. i have worked on several television advertising projects internationally, independent films in the united states as well as an award winning documentary (New York Independent Film & Video Festival)  based out of bali, indonesia.


after an intense documentary project in the summer between semesters, i decided to leap off the arts to focus on political studies in asia. and i continued my education in hawai'i, where i received a B.A in Asian studies and began graduate studies in Social Work shortly after at the University of Washington, focusing on social justice, mental health, maternal and child health  issues and community organizing. since then, i have been pretty active in many public health issues, including child and maternal health - birth advocacy, trauma informed practice and outdoor education.

i also am a yoga instructor & educator, training clinicians and teachers in trauma informed yoga curriculum in classrooms and facilities.

visual imagery is so powerful that i've used them in my social work graduate studies through photo-voice essays to capture what might otherwise be invisible and unable to convey through words and engages us in dialogue. photo journalism - these are my passion projects where my interests, artistic integrity and social work experience merge into that trifecta.  

a good photograph is in the eye of the beholder. i value spontaneity and capturing fleeting realities, i find myself loving what is observed in nature and using the frame to manipulate and craft. i want to be able to feel the emotions, the sensorial, and sometimes the rawness. i want to also manipulate on the ordinary and highlight those moments you'd close your eyes and remember with all your senses. i break conventional boundaries, big bright blown out lights, dark shadows and blur. i  prefer the edge , soft pockets, raw and gritty content that make for delicious images and i see my inspiration in artists who play with these boundaries no matter what piece of equipment they use. 

i want to be the essential photographer, that is 'one who see what others could not have seen'. therefore, i find myself to be in the blend of documentation and environmental fine art portraiture, and i flow between the two. i value the connections i make with you and i spend most of my sessions getting to know you so that one frame that is captured provides that small ounce of you frozen in time, each image unique. if you like any of that, or are willing to take a walk with me, i think you will love what we can create.   

my other labor of love is The Matahari Pages

bali, indonesia | 2016

bali, indonesia | 2016

travel. it leaves you speechless. then turns you into a storyteller
— Ibn Battuta